Blix 0.9.1 / Help

Hey, thanks for downloading Blix, you're definitely one of the cool kids!
I'm not, because the help file only covers the basics and you're pretty much on your own now. Hopefully I can improve the help in the future. But nonetheless: Enjoy!

Sebastian Schmieg


Blix is licensed under a GPL license, which basically means that you can modify it in any way you like. However if you choose to re-release it, the license has to stay the same and you've to credit all authors that have worked on the theme before.


That's simple, just upload the Blix folder to your themes folder which probably is wordpress/wp-content/themes/.

How to Set Up Pages Using the WordPress Admin Panel

If you're not familiar with WordPress pages I highly recommend reading this introduction.

Note that each of the following pages is voluntary. Blix will still work properly without them.


  1. Select Write > Write Page
  2. Fill in Page Title
  3. Select archives as Page Template
  4. Select archives as Page slug
  5. Click Create New Page


  1. Select Write > Write Page
  2. Fill in Page Title
  3. Select about as Page slug
  4. Click Create New Page

About 'Shorty'

  1. Select Write > Write Page
  2. Fill in Page Title
  3. Select about_short as Page slug
  4. Click Create New Page

The About Shorty will be displayed on the frontpage and will be automatically linked to your About page in case you've set up one.


  1. Select Write > Write Page
  2. Fill in Page Title
  3. Fill in Page Content. This will be displayed above the contact form.
  4. Select contact as Page Template
  5. Select contact as Page slug
  6. Click Create New Page

The contact form's target e-mail address is the one you've specified in WordPress as your admin e-mail address.

Additional Pages

You can set up as many pages as you like. All pages will be automatically added to the navigation. However if you've set up all of the above pages, additional pages will probably break the navigation unless you don't modify the CSS to make the buttons smaller.

Secondary Navigation

In case you've got more pages than fit into the main navigation Blix offers a secondary navigation in the sidebar:

  1. Make backup copies of header.php and sidebar.php
  2. Open header.php in your text editor of choice
  3. Look for the following code snippet
    else {
      (is_page($page_id))?$selected = ' class="selected"':$selected='';
      echo "<li><a href=\"".get_page_link($page_id)."\">$page_title</a></li>\n";
    and remove it
  4. Save the modified file
  5. Open sidebar.php
  6. Change line 10 from * to */
  7. Remove line 20 (<?php */ ?>)
  8. Save the modified file

Mini Entries

  1. Before saving your post scroll down to Add a new custom field to this post which is part of the advanced controls; if you haven't enabled advanced controls yet do it in Options > Writing
  2. add BX_post_type as key and mini as value
  3. Click Add Custom Field
  4. Publish your post


Blix supports Gravatars. Just download and unzip it into WP's plugin folder (wordpress/content/plugins). Enable the gravatars plugin using the WP admin panel.

Customizing the Design

Banner Image

Just drop your own banner called header_bg.jpg into images/spring_flavour/ and you're done. Dimensions should be at least 690px x 150px.

If your custom banner already include's your blog's name, open layout.css, go to line 146 and remove the comments (/* ... */). That's it.

Modifying the CSS